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About This Project


PodderCentral is a web portal and companion mobile app that are part of the Omnipod Ecosystem.  As a product, it’s a pod which serves a receptor for insulin treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Using the Pod enables the patient to live a more normal lifestyle. The device is simple and unobstructed.


A newly diagnosed patient who wants to become a Pod user has weeks up to months of waiting before he can be in the product.  I needed to provide a platform, a responsive website which would include a homepage,


For me, it was crucial to understanding what limitations I was under working in the medical field while adhering to HIPAA regulations meant.  Once I realized how to work around the parameters that came with the job, it made the rest of the research phases much more manageable.

I interviewed the stakeholders to know what their perception of what would make the project successful. I circled back and conducted an affinity map of their answers to prioritize the issues we were solving and prioritize those.  Because of HIPAA, I was not able to go out into the world and validate my designs with test participants from websites like user testing or user interviews.

Instead, I created a panel of user testers that were users of the Pod and worked for the company.  Thankfully through the use the internal testers, we were able to deliver a product that felt purposeful and connected with them.  It was through them that I was able to create a persona and bring alignment with design decisions.

Since launching the product in March of 2017, the diabetic community grew from 1.5k users to over 80k users by September of 2018 through two app and website iterations.


Creating a dashboard which based upon your entry point was a curated experience to address questions prospective and current patients would have depending on their engagement with the product.   Through user testing, I was able to inform the designs which included, with transactional features, training, support, social connection, account maintenance, and connection to his/her Omnipod device.

The company benefited in numerous ways;

Customer engagement increased exponentially

Customer care was able to improve their process by allowing patients to self resolve a lot of the issues through dashboard

Patient retention and acquisition also increased

Product registration to a beta release to a particular set of users was successful pairing SKU and patient salesforce records.

Custom Field

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